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Arizona's Plan for IT Procurement Reform

|September 11, 2014|

Pursuant to a Special Performance Audit in 2013, the Arizona Auditor General made a series of recommendations to the Arizona Department of Administration, to better manage its IT procurement process. Specifically, the Auditor General recommended that the Arizona Department of Administration develop IT-specific contract templates to "help ensure that terms and conditions are appropriate, streamline the negotiation process, and help address some vendor concerns."  The Audit also recommended that the Department review its terms and conditions, such as IP ownership, indemnification, limited liability and warranties, when soliciting IT projects.  In a Follow Up Report by the Auditor General, the Department stated that it has met with internal stakeholders and has developed a plan to implement the Auditor General’s recommendations by 2017.


On September 10, 2014, Barbara Corella, the Arizona State Procurement Administrator, testified in front of a joint House and Senate committee that her office will be conducting vendor stakeholder meetings to seek industry input beginning next spring.  Aaron Sandeen, the State CIO, is also working with Ms. Corella to examine the State’s security policies and standards. Mr. Sandeen has stated that his office is exploring the FedRAMP assessment process.


If you are a technology company, you may be asking: “Can I get involved? And how?”


The short answer? Yes. The longer answer? Call the State Procurement Office to express your interest in being involved and be sure to follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates.

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