Developing a Federal Sector Strategy to Accelerate Sales

June 11, 2014 by Jennifer Woods
A national application support services provider had previously tried selling in the competitive federal government market with little success.   However, given the size and potential of the market, the company wanted to reenter the market with a trusted mentor at its side.  In addition, it was critical that the company's business development team demonstrate success early on to justify continued investment in the federal market.

The company leveraged Traversant Group to provide an in-depth understanding of how to do business in the federal sector, including the costs and benefits of the major contracting vehicles, the requirements to obtain a contract, and administration and compliance activities.  In addition, Traversant Group provided assistance with identifying target departments, reviewed small business types, and developed recommendations for a short, medium and long-term federal sales strategy.

Why Traversant Group?  Traversant Group's reputation for helping companies successfully compete in the state and local government sectors and our strong relationships with subject matter experts in the federal sales arena made us the definitive choice.

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