Effectively Responding to a Multi-Million Dollar RFP Response

June 11, 2014 by Jennifer Woods
When a global technology consulting firm decided to respond to a complex RFP worth over 20 million dollars, it had to organize its team, understand over 200 pages of requirements, and write a persuasive and thorough response under a compressed timeline.  This is a tall order for any company.

Traversant Group was asked to help the company organize its content, make sure it was in full compliance and responsive, and provide recommendations on content.  At the same time, Traversant Group provided valuable market intelligence relevant to the RFP project that was not contained in the bidder's library. This was all accomplished within the response timeframe by using Traversant Group's proven processes and experience.

Why Traversant Group? Traversant Group has extensive knowledge of the RFP process and has developed best practices for ensuring companies respond to RFP's correctly.  Moreover, Traversant Group was responsive and flexible to adapt to the project deadlines.

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