Making Informed Decisions About Future RFPs

June 11, 2014 by Jennifer Woods
A technology solution provider needed to determine whether it should enter the government market for the first time by bidding on a multi-million dollar RFP.  While contemplating the decision, the organization also recognized the need for more information on the RFP process and contracting requirements.

Traversant Group helped the client understand the procurement process from start to finish, as well as reviewed the incumbent vendor's contract, to allow the client to make an informed decision.  We also mapped out a national market research strategy to collect competitive information and evaluate potential new markets for the technology solution. We designed and conducted training for employees to help them undertake the research efforts going forward.  In addition to supporting the organization with several facets of the procurement process, Traversant Group helped develop recommendations to improve the company's ability to prepare a winning response.

Why Traversant Group? Traversant Group's significant experience in procurement, law and lobbying places it in a unique position to provide companies with a balanced perspective.  Our focus to help the company invest its resources in worthwhile pursuits created trust and collaboration.

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