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Technology | January 5, 2016

Traversant Group’s Top State Technology Predictions for 2016

Prediction: Shared services will gain traction in 2016 as a core strategy for state agencies to... Read More
Procurement | December 30, 2015

AZ Vendors: Get Ready To See a “Transformation” in Procurement Practices in 2016

The new ADOA Director, Craig Brown, is not new to the purchasing profession. He came from... Read More
Procurement | December 18, 2015

ADOA Director Craig Brown Speaks about Priorities in Procurement and Technology

ADOA Director Craig Brown, who was recently appointed to the new role, clearly articulated the... Read More
Procurement | November 10, 2015

What to Do When a RFP Makes No Sense

One of my favorites was an RFP that sought a COTS solution but wrote the requirements such that... Read More
Procurement | October 13, 2015

The Most Important – and Overlooked – Element of an RFP

Anyone can submit a proposal that responds to the scope of work requirements. Sure, it’s... Read More