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Phoenix State of the City Blog

|April 11, 2022|

Last week the Traversant team attended Mayor Gallego’s third State of the City address. It was a great chance to hear where Phoenix has been, where it is going, and a great opportunity to get away from the desk for a little while. Here are the top five takeaways from the State of the City:

1. “Phoenix is Rising Again”

Mayor Gallego’s key message focused on Phoenix’s rising economic growth. She attributed that success to creating high quality jobs, working to increase housing, and innovating through the pandemic. One key example of this growth is in the $12 Billion investment by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the largest economic development deal in the city’s history that will make way for new jobs and continue to increase Phoenix’s role in the U.S. economy. Phoenix is continuing to build homes to meet demand, working to be better place to live environmentally and financially, and continuing to innovate through industry.

2. Phoenix is Playing Smart

Phoenix is working to be a smarter city. During the pandemic, Phoenix invested in mobile testing vans, which then became mobile vaccination units, and are now Mobile Career Units – providing a way to do safe, socially distanced job interviews for those who may not have stable broadband or even a computer. This concept was so successful that Phoenix won the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Global Mayors Challenge.

From Waymo mapping Downtown Phoenix, to partnering with industry on drought mitigation efforts, to earning the title of the “Electric Valley” for increasing the presence of cars, chargers, and manufacturing for EVs, Phoenix is also continuing to be a leader in innovation.

3. Spotlight on Health and Healthcare

Alongside the successes of drawing in manufacturing and new business, Phoenix is experiencing huge success in the healthcare industry, including rising to number one in the nation for job growth in life sciences. Mayor Gallego expressed her support of $300 million in Health Care Facilities Revenue Bonds for the Mayo Clinic expansion, along with the joint venture between ASU and Mayo for the ASU Health Futures Center. Mayor Gallego thanked Councilman Jim Waring for his work to bring the “biosciences corridor” to life.

4. “I have never, and will never, defund the Phoenix Police Department”

Mayor Gallego’s promise to never defund the Phoenix Police Department received the largest applause. Last year, Phoenix committed $15 million for the expanded Community Assistance Program, a program that places mental health and behavioral health professionals in the field to respond to calls. She also wants to increase police officer salaries, improve training, and encourage transparency. Mayor Gallego explained how Phoenix has partnered with Axon to create a VR training program for law enforcement officers, including training on how to deescalate domestic violence situations and how to better respond to calls.

5. Phoenix is Open for Business

The announcement of TSMC’s chip-making plant was easily the most repeated achievement of Mayor Gallego’s speech - for good reason. TSMC’s arrival brings with it more companies, more jobs, and more recognition for the Valley. One of TSMC’s suppliers, Sunlit Chemical, has already broken ground on its factory. Foxlink, a producer of green energy product, announced in February that it will open its first U.S. factor in Arizona. To support semi conductor job growth, Phoenix is working with the Maricopa Community Colleges District to create a talent pipeline..

Other highlights include the arrival of Sendoso and Diamond Age 3D, along with the opening of the ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mayor Gallego also recognized the contributions of small business and the distribution of more than $8 million in grant funding to support their operations.

You can watch Mayor Gallego’s full State of the City HERE.

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