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Say Hello to Summer Boland, Our New Administrative Assistant

|March 28, 2021|

We have been loving working with Summer Boland for the past couple months. Here’s a little bit of background about who Summer is, why she’s so great to have on the team and what she enjoys.

What brought you to Traversant Group?

I graduated from ASU in 2007 and quickly joined the SUMMER 18_ 2021hospitality and catering sales space, working for the largest provider of food and beverages for sports and entertainment for several years. There came a point when I really wanted to have a little more work/life balance, so I transitioned to the Village Health Club & Spa, where I was in the spa division. While I loved it and stayed for awhile, I eventually wanted something new when I happened to meet Jennifer Woods. I shared with Jenn about my type-A personality, and she said she’d love to have someone like me bring even more structure and order to Traversant Group. We continued our conversations, and I joined the team in January!

What are your daily responsibilities as administrative assistant, and what do you enjoy most in your new role?

I like to think of myself primarily as the keeper of the calendar! There are always committees and meetings happening in the government, so staying organized from a calendar perspective is critical to success. I also love maintaining order and structure in the worlds of politics and technology, because they’re always changing. I’ve learned you can plan all you want, but how you react and shift gears is what helps you land on your feet.

What do you like most about the political process and government?

Many people focus on what divides us, particularly in politics, but Traversant Group as a company is all about bringing people together. It’s very exciting to see the innovative ways we get to bring the public and private sectors together and make a positive difference that unifies.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

I grew up in South Dakota, where there wasn’t a lot to do except play sports. So from a young age, I was enrolled in everything from ballet, tap and jazz to volleyball, golf and soccer. My parents were teachers, and were really keen on exposing me to as many things as possible. It was a great way to grow up and definitely fostered a competitive edge in me. Because of this, there’s a quote that’s always resonated with me and governs how I work and live every day. “Ability is what you’re capable of doing; motivation determines what you do; attitude determines how well you do it.” (Lou Holtz)

What do you like to do for fun?

Well, I still can’t get enough of being outdoors! My husband and I are outside all the time, whether biking, hiking or golfing. We also like to go to wine tastings and do brunches out. We recently went to a “Sip and Shop” at the Valley Ho, which was a free wine tasting and it was so fun to be with other people in a safe way. Oh and while I was with the Village, I got certified to be a spin instructor. I still enjoy attending different classes like that.

Have you read any good books or listened to any good podcasts recently?

I tend to love biographies, and recently read Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” which was fascinating. I also love biographies about important sports figures.

Anything else you’d like Traversant Group clients to know?

My husband and I love dogs, and have two rescues, Wilson (age 7) who is a boxer and Spalding (age 3) who is a good ol’ mutt. They’re sweet boys, with pretty opposite temperaments from one another - and they definitely keep us busy!


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