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    Topic: procurement

    ASET, | February 12, 2019

    New Arizona IT Regulations that Could Impact You

    Over 15 years ago, Arizona adopted a series of laws and regulations to guide oversight of state... Read More
    ASET, | February 11, 2019

    Can You Score a Victory Royale in Government Sales?

    If you don’t have kids or have been living under a rock on a secluded island in the Pacific, I’ll... Read More
    Politics, | January 31, 2018

    Should Government Consider Corporate Social Responsibility When Awarding Contracts?

    The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” or “CSR” can mean different things to different... Read More
    Lobbying, | July 20, 2017

    Why Collaboration Can Be An Advantage (Part 2)

    Provided you have a compelling government problem and a team of companies who want to work... Read More
    Lobbying, | July 12, 2017

    Why Collaboration Can Be An Advantage (Part 1)

    If you approach the government market with a conventional mindset, collaboration with other... Read More
    Lobbying, | June 15, 2016

    How to Purposely Speak about your Competition

    If you have spent any time in sales, you probably have found yourself in a situation where a... Read More
    Lobbying, | May 30, 2016

    “Coop-petition”: All about Teaming Agreements and Partnerships in Procurement

    In light of the increased popularity of partnering, I thought it might be helpful to talk a little... Read More
    Procurement | December 30, 2015

    AZ Vendors: Get Ready To See a “Transformation” in Procurement Practices in 2016

    The new ADOA Director, Craig Brown, is not new to the purchasing profession. He came from running... Read More