Creating Momentum for a Non-Profit Seeking to Create a Smart Region


A newly created non-profit, the Arizona Institute for Digital Progress (AZIDP), had all of the elements for success. An experienced and passionate executive director, a compelling mission to advance the adoption of innovative technology to solve regional government issues, and a partnership with a state university.

What the AZIDP lacked was critical visibility to the governor’s administration and key state officials, as well as a process to get projects off the ground. We worked hand-in-hand with the AZ IDP to open the right doors and put together a framework for a regional acquisition model.

Solution & Results

Traversant Group embarked on a focused strategy to highlight the AZIDP’s mission with state elected officials with a technology interest, the governor’s office, and agency stakeholders, like the State CIO. Leveraging our industry relationships, we also introduced the AZ IDP to local business executives to increase interest and expand partnership opportunities.

Traversant Group was able to help broaden the AZIDP’s footprint with state officials and industry leaders, including the creation of the Smart State Initiatives unit at the Arizona Commerce Authority. The AZIDP also has a framework for a regional model to test and deploy emerging technologies.

Access Isn’t Enough If You Don’t Have a Strategy.

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