Helping a Midsize System Integrator Compete against the Giants


Based on our strategy, an unknown, local systems integrator expanded its network of government relationships and secured long-term growth and quick revenue wins.

The market for system integrators is growing with the technology-driven modernization efforts happening in government. The opportunity to take part in this expanding market led a local, but relatively small player, to turn to Traversant Group to catapult its growth.

Solution & Results

In just a month, we helped the system integrator develop its public sector messaging, relying on our government data analyses and substantial procurement expertise. This analysis revealed both barriers to growth and opportunities for quick wins. Having this baseline information also prepared the system integrator to respond to government questions and show its investment in understanding critical mission-based programs.

We then introduced the company to several high-level government decision makers and key industry leaders to build a buzz. Leveraging relationships across the public and private sector became an integral part of the strategy, given the system integrator relied on a software company for its growth strategy.

We helped the system integrator tailor its service offering to the government market and sharpen its focus on pricing, using our procurement background. The system integrator quickly developed an edge with its local presence and simple approach.

We left management with a clear vision of what it takes to be successful in the government market, no matter the competition.

Access Isn’t Enough If You Don’t Have a Strategy.

New to government sales? Already have connections? Wherever you’re starting from, Traversant Group can help you define your destination — and make it there.