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Safeguarding Contract Awards


A global spend management company, had just won a government contract for development and implementation of a statewide procurement system. Now, it found itself with the threat of having the project funding dismantled and its contract on hold.

The company needed help to preserve the appropriation at the state legislature, as well as garner support with executive branch officials to continue with the project schedule. We had to work with them to develop an effective strategy and fast-track the execution.


Traversant Group created a multi-pronged strategy to highlight the benefits of the new system and why further delay would not be advantageous. 

With questions being asked, we needed to be able to clearly explain the integrity of the procurement process, the fairness of the contract award and the value proposition. We met with key state officials and staff from the legislative and executive branches to make our case.

Traversant Group’s focus and flawless implementation of procurement strategies is second to none. They were critical in our efforts to build the Greater Phoenix Smart Region Consortium by coming up with innovative approaches to keep our project moving forward, working tirelessly to solve the Consortium’s challenges, and creating new opportunities for our government, industry, and university partners. Traversant Group’s reputation as the state’s top thought leader in government sales strategy is unquestioned

Dominic Papa | Arizona Institute of Digital Progress

Traversant Group’s focus and implementation of procurement strategies is second to none. They came up with innovative approaches and worked tirelessly to solve our challenges and create new opportunities. And, as someone new to the public sector and government marketing they have helped walk me through everything step-by-step and have been there to answer every question I have in a timely manner. It is great to have a team to rely on and take our company to the next stage.

Jane Newman | Senior Account Executive, Ivalua

As a trusted advisor, Traversant Group bridges government and private sector relationships with integrity and continues to add value at every turn, accelerating our brand visibility and relationships. Traversant Group is undoubtedly an asset to any organization and in my opinion our partnership has positively and monumentally changed our trajectory in Arizona

Nathan Washington | Government Sales Manager, West


Traversant Group was able to help influence the appropriation process to secure funding and get the project back on track. We continue to work with the company and agency stakeholders to ensure communication on critical implementation deliverables, support capabilities and overall relationship management. Today, the system is fully implemented.

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