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We bring a new perspective to public sector consulting, by creating mutual trust and infectious energy to build partnerships between government and industry.

Strategic sales


Strategic Sales

We continuously translate government market trends into substantial opportunities for you. With our innovative SLEDScore methodology, expertise in government contracting and established relationships, we not only guide you through the government maze, but we execute on tactical action items to advance your goals.


Multi-state Government Relations Management​

Our extensive lobbying network gives you access to expertise that you can’t find anywhere else. Our ability to scale our strategic approach to other markets helps clients align resources, capitalize on best practices and fuel success.


Policy and Advocacy​

We drive outcomes for our clients that achieve their goals and build value in today’s policy landscape. When you need to connect with influencers in state or local government, having a team that can advocate on your behalf is essential to protecting your interests.


Market Intelligence​

Knowledge is power. Traversant Group keeps track of government data, contracting opportunities, policy analyses, and industry shifts that work to your advantage, so you stay competitive and save time.

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