The 2022 Traversant Group Fall Forum: What You Should Know

The 2022 Traversant Group Fall Forum: What You Should Know

The 2022 Traversant Group Fall Forum: What You Should Know

The 2022 Traversant Group Fall Forum: What You Should Know

Last week, we held our second annual Traversant Group Fall Forum. It was a dynamic, two-day event held at the ASU College of Law with more than 40 Traversant clients from all over the country. We are grateful to have featured leadership from nine major Arizona state agencies, including the departments of Economic Security, State Homeland Security, Administration, Health Services, and Education. 

State officials spoke candidly with Traversant clients about what keeps them up at night. They also shared their proudest accomplishments in FY23 and goals for FY24. This important dialogue sparked new ideas and relationships. While we can’t reveal everything that Traversant clients learned, here are some takeaways from our time together.

Incremental Modernization is Key

The pursuit of large-scale system replacement is waning in favor of incremental innovation and agile development methods. This approach allows agencies to secure small wins which can then be used to support budget justifications for new technology investments.

Recruiting IT Workers Remains a Challenge

It’s no secret that state agencies continue to struggle with finding qualified IT professionals. What isn’t widely known is that agencies are getting creative by recruiting candidates from non-technical areas within agencies because of their programmatic knowledge. Technical certifications are easy to acquire if the individual has the desire to learn.

Data Management Becomes a Shared Responsibility

Each of the state agency officials expressed that technology isn’t always the issue. It’s managing and sharing data between agencies that’s the challenge. Unlike previous years, agencies are now encouraging data sharing by spearheading data management offices and actively breaking down silos both internally and with other departments.

The 2022 Midterms Require Patience

Given that almost half of the legislature’s 90 seats will be different in 2023, new members may impact the length of the legislative session, technology legislation, and the FY24 budget. The gubernatorial transition may take different forms in terms of political appointments and priorities, and it offers an opportunity to shape new relationships and initiatives.

Cybersecurity Knows No Boundaries

Arizona has become a cybersecurity leader and is looking to expand the impact of its Cyber Readiness program. The Cyber Readiness Program has assisted more than 70 school districts, 50-60 cities and towns, and all 15 counties in Arizona to improve their cybersecurity posture through grants, licenses, and shared resources. State officials will continue to invest in partnerships with both the private sector and political subdivisions.

Thank You to Our Speakers & Attendees

We were thrilled by the valuable insights our esteemed speakers shared at our Fall Forum, and how the event allowed our clients to connect with government leaders and one another. A big thank you to everyone who made the Fall Forum so valuable; we’re already looking forward to next year’s.

Any questions about the Fall Forum, the topics we covered or government sales? Reach out to us here.

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