What We’ve Been Up To Throughout The Spring

What We’ve Been Up To Throughout The Spring

What We’ve Been Up To Throughout The Spring

What We’ve Been Up To Throughout The Spring

As summer is upon us, we’re looking back at the fulfilling spring we’ve had. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been doing, who we’ve been working with and some of the highlights of the past few months.

Hosted Key Events

We love our clients and are always finding ways to connect them with the greater community. As such, we held a Traversant Group Client Happy Hour that was also attended by government officials on May 25th. We had a high turnout, and a meaningful evening with many people we admire. 

In March, Traversant Group hosted its Arizona Women in Technology (AZWIT) Spring Social. It was a lovely event, during which time influential women in tech and government had a chance to network, swap ideas and make plans for the future. We’re looking forward to planning more events soon. 


Held TGTalks

Throughout the spring, we also had the opportunity to hold two of our TGTalks, which are informative conversations we have with government officials. We chatted with Acting State CISO Ryan Murray in one and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) CIO Steve West in the other. As always, we garnered some valuable insights that our clients will be able to learn from as they seek to work with the government. 


Out & About Town 

At Traversant Group, we make a point of attending as many important local events as we can. To this end, we sponsored the Phoenix State of the City Address Luncheon on April 12th, hosted by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (of which we’re members). We also sponsored the Arizona Digital Government Summit on May 25th. 

Additionally, we attended the Advancing Women in Blue Luncheon, which was held by the Phoenix Police Foundation, and attended the 2023 Cybersecurity Summit. These events give us a richer perspective into our local community and government, and keep us well-connected with influential officials, business owners and other professionals. 


What’s Next

Right now, we are still in the legislative session and tracking bills, so we’re continuing to keep our clients apprised of significant changes. We also got a state budget passed a couple of weeks back, and are keeping busy with cities getting ready to approve their FY23-FY24 local budgets.


We’ll keep you updated about what’s next on the docket for us. In the meantime, please reach out if you’re looking to achieve extraordinary outcomes and would like a partner to help you get there.  

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